Caledonia is back – Ancient Battlegrounds Quest

With the An Ancient Ceremony Summons You returns the old OF battleground Caledonia! As some of you asked me various questions as to how to enter, here is what I can tell you.

Caledonia Medallion of Passage

You know how the Pictish Live event has evolved. Now Fionn gives you a quest to get the medallion directly.


  • Locate Fionn Mac Cumhail or your Local Portal Keep NPC and accept the Enemies of Old quest from him.
  • Kill 25 Picts from one of the Pictish camps.
  • Medaillon yay!

Enter Caledonia

Do you remember back in OF when we had to wait for the seoltoirs to walk down and port us to the BG? This is the same thing! Equip your medallion, and wait for them to come down. This will take between 15-20 minutes. And then you’re into Caledonia !

Ancient Battlegrounds Quest

  • Equip the Caledonia Medallion of Passage
  • Stand on the Portal Pad at your Portal Keep
  • Enter Caledonia
  • Slay the King Cruithne! (The keep has to be held by Pictish) Note: This can be BG credited
  • Return to Fionn/Sir Yvain in your Portal keep


  • Shiney Silver-bound Chest. It will give you random loot.
  • DAoC 10th Aniversary Trophy – 10 Year Crest
  • Caledonia Titles (Conqueror and Skirmisher)

How Caledonia works

Caledonia is being raided by Pictish. You may attempt to take the keep with your realm, but beware! There is a timer… after that, the Pictish will take it back! (Timer to yet be revealed..! But I’ll try to figure it out haha) If the Keep is being held my an enemy realm, the only way to enter is the old-fashioned way. Smack the door and drop your rams.

First Caledonia Take

If you are interested, this is the very first Dark Age of Camelot Caledonia Take on October 17th 2012! All recorded, part of history!

More on the Pictish Invasion:


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  5. Evilmo 10:08 am

    when does this god-forsaken, game-ruining place leave the beatifull game ?

    • Eaderbreca 2:00 pm

      It has not been announced yet, so we don’t really know. I guess we’ll see.

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