Infernal Merchants (2012) – Items and Prices (Midgard)

***Edit: Merchants are now gone! Please read The Merchants Say Farewell for more details!***


Infernal Sleeves are back! Read on for more details on items and prices!  

-Prices have reached a plateau


  • Sleeves are now 40p! -No new changes
  • Astral Mace is 75p, while the Blades and swords have dropped to 65p  -No new changes
  • The seasonal 70p items have dropped to 50p. (doppels cloaks etc.) -No new changes
  • Levi Ring is now 55p -No new changes
  • Slippers are at 65p -No new changes

Current Merchants Prices:

Elium – Weapons Merchant (Demonic) -No changes   Lurica – Weapons Merchant (Demonic) -Sleeves are now 40p!   Sonron – Merchant (Mythirians) – No changes   Caluna – Rarities Merchant – No changes   Svende– Merchant – Infernal (ML10) -Mace is 75p on Mid, Blade and swords have dropped to 65p. -no new changes New page! (no changes) p.1 There are various differences on p3. See SS below:   Helgetha – Merchant (Seasonal Items, Others) - 70p items dropped to 50p. (dop cloaks)/ Levi Ring is now 55p Necklace is called Resisting Stones on Mid   Grotha – Armor Merchant- Slippers are now to 65p. Items addition:   Onturon – Armor Merchant – Demonic – No changes   Kilenth – Armor Merchant – Demonic – No changes   Orvil – Chest Merchant (Random Rewards) -No changes   As the prices go down overtime, I will be keeping you posted! Stay tuned!

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